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Sexual Deviants

Sexual Deviants Overview

Sex offenders live among us. It's sad but true, and it's something that we all have to take seriously. Sometimes it seems that the odds are stacked against us, that there is nothing we can do to fight back. The good news is that help is on the way, and today is the first step to getting your family safety issues in order.

Family Safety Club has taken the necessary steps to provide you with a system that ensures you and your family the piece of mind you deserve. Complete with up to date reports of sex offenders in your neighborhood, a 24 hour hotline and a plethora of helpful information pertaining to child and overall safety, Family Safety Club has your best interests in mind.

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Are Your Children Safe?

Being a parent is becoming, more than ever, an extremely trying task. It seems that everyday a new question arises, a new problem that your child might be getting themselves into. Today it's drugs. Tomorrow it's sex. The next day its school-related gang violence. Indeed, so many things to worry about, and just when you think you got all the answers you remember the one problem you can't solve: the prevailing issue that ceases to disappear known as the sex offender.

To make matters worse, this problem is, if anything, getting worse. Taken from a study made by The National Criminal Justice Reference in 2007, the following stats will make you cringe. Hopefully they will also make you realize that its time to take action on your part.

Consider these stats the next time you leave your child alone: In 2006, over 900,000 children were reported to have been abused in some way, shape, or manner, and of these victims, almost 10% of them were sexually abused. The numbers go from bad to worse. As many as 8% of the sexually abused victims were between the age of 4 and 7 years old. Still, the statistic that really strikes fear into families across the nation is the following: of the victims reported abused in 2006, 75% were first time victims. This shows without a shadow of a doubt that sexual abuse is a growing problem and needs to be addressed immediately.

These stats, unfortunately, don't simply suggest that this is a new problem. The same report indicated that approximately 20% of adults surveyed admitted that they were sexually abused at least once in their lifetime. The reason why these alarming stats are only being revealed now? Simple. A vast majority of these victims never reported the crimes committed against them. After all, what's more embarrassing to a child? Being sexually molested or having an entire community knowing about it? For many, the latter was the answer, and this makes us wonder how many other, similar injustices have gone unearthed.

Bottom line is this: The enemy is out there, lurking in the shadows and waiting for you to make a mistake. Its up to you to prepare yourself for any scenario, and educate your children on how to protect themselves. Another key to remember is that sex offenders usually have a relationship, or at least know, the victim. Be wary, then, of people you put your trust into. Ultimately, they could in fact be your worst nightmare.

Sex Offender Investigation

Where Are The Sex Offenders?

It's sad but true: Sex offenders live among us and strike when we least expect it. We have no choice, therefore, but to have a keen knowledge of their disposition and the way they think, to gain any foothold on avoiding their attacks. Unfortunately this is no easy task, because these villains are as smart as they are ruthless, and will find anyway to slip under your radar. Luckily there are now steps you can take to suitably protect your family.

Sadly, it appears as though the powers that be would prefer to make the lives of parents much harder than they need to be. The U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics reported recently that almost 45% of all convicted felons released in 2006 were child molesters or sexual deviants. It was also discovered that of these 4300 released sex offenders, the average prison sentence was approximately 7 years in prison, 3 years of which were ever normally served. Apparentally a large number of them did not learn their lesson: 3% went on to strike again in the next 3 years, and those are only the ones that have been reported. We'll never really know about the cases of attempted molestation for instance, or those that were never reported because the child never had the courage to come forward.

Though these numbers are scary, the good news is that there are measures to be taken to protect your family. For instance, information on any convicted sex offender can be found online on the FBI's national database. Still better though and more practical, is the service we provide. Instead of sifting through the entire database for someone you might be suspicious of, we deliver to you, in a daily updated report, a list of all the registered sexual deviants in your neighborhood. We'll even let you use up to 3 different addresses in which we'll track criminals amidst the surrounding areas. We can't guarantee that we'll know where every potential pedophile or rapist will be, but if they've committed a sex crime and live in your neighborhood, you'll be the first to know!

Sex Offenders Database

The present document illustrates the inception and progression of The National Sex Offenders Registry, as well as the landscape of everything related to sex offenders over the past 12 years.

Upon the creation of The National Sex Offenders Registry (in association with the 1996 Lyncher Act) by The FBI in 1996, great efforts have been made to track down the whereabouts of sex offenders across the country. The most important law that was passed due to this act was the mandatory registering of every convicted sex offender to the hitherto mentioned registry. As well, it was made obligatory for these sex offenders to notify the FBI whenever they left the state they were residing in. This aspect of the Act greatly benefitted the public, allowing families everywhere to have a better idea of where these criminals were coming and going.

Though the database covers every inch of the map (even Puerto Rico), certain difficulties were unavoidable due to state-to-state law deviations. For instance, it may be seen that a sex offender in Ohio does not fit the profile of a sex offender in North Dakota. This sort of situation arises, fortunately, in the cases of questionable criminal conduct. Parents would probably feel safer, though, if they knew where all the sex offenders were, even the ones that had gotten off with a slap of the wrist.

Even though certain discrepancies don't allow us to single out ALL the sex offenders (potential or otherwise), the Registry is updated daily, so you can rest assured that you're up to speed with any new registered offenders. With Family Safety Club, you'll be sent a special report detailing all of this material, including pictures, addresses and other personal information. Basically, if someone classifies as a sex offender and lives in your area, you'll be the first one to know, keeping you one step ahead of the criminals you so fear.


How To Guard Against Pedophiles

There is nothing more frustrating, more stressful, than living your life in a constant state of fear. This is the kind of state pedophiles put most families in, simply by living amongst us. The only way to overcome this agonizing fear and to live in peace, is to be smarter than the pedophile and to always be one step ahead. Below is a mass of information that will help you in the fight against these criminals.

The word pedophilia can be traced back to similarly sounding word, paraphilia, which means a powerful and persistent sexual attraction to another thats unusual in nature. "Pedo" comes from the greek word "paidos," which means child or small animal. When the two are put together you get an unnatural sexual attraction to a child, which can of course lead to fantasies of a child, and worse, sexual conduct with a child.

Being able to spot a pedophile is no easy feat, and there is no perfect science behind it. Pedophiles are not associated with any particular race or culture, so it is very hard to just look at someone and be able to label them immediately. The biggest warning sign, it seems, is their comportment with children vis-a-vis their comportment with adults. Simply put, pedophiles have a hard time getting along with other adults, and conversely get along, or feel like they share a bond, with children. Unfortunately there is not much else to go on as far as profiling these criminals is concerned. However, if you do happen to know of one, they tend to stick to their habits. This means that if you've discovered that a particular offender has struck older pre-adolescent children, it's a rarity that they'd strike again with a child under the age of 6.

Understanding the psyche of these individuals is also a work in progress. There are a couple of differing schools of thought. Some say it's simply a genetic disorder, something that your born with. Others, and the majority of people in fact, say that a traumatic childhood occurrence (being sexually abused themselves for instance) triggered them to perform these heinous acts. What maybe sets the pedophile apart from other sexual predators is the moral code. Whereas say the rapist knows that he is a violent person and indeed enjoys the idea of causing harm to the victim, the pedophile actually believes that what he is doing is right, that in some bizarre way is in fact helping the child grow in their sexual development.

In the end, the act of pedophilia is a shameful act, not just because its vile and immoral, but also because of what the victim has to live with afterwards. Unlike rape, where the victim normally wants to seek retrobution immediately, victims of pedophilia usually are too young and embarrassed to say anything at all. Reports from reputable sources have indicated that 20 percent of children have been sexually molested at least once in their life. As sad as this statistic is, we'll probably never really know the true total of victims. Maybe the most shocking stat was from the FBI, which stated that over 2/3 of all sexual assault victims were under the age of 18. If there's any conclusion to draw from these reports, it is simply this: Pedophiles are dangerous, and the pain they inflict leave wounds that can take a lifetime to heal.


Stats And Figures

Just hearing the word "rape" sends shivers down the spine, evoking images of sexual violence that no person could possibly wish upon another. As if an act of pedophilia weren't bad enough, rape takes it to a whole other level. Rape is constituted as sexual assault because not only is it a sexual crime, but also an act of violence. There are of course, other acts of sexual assault, but rape is one of the worst. Rape is considered assault because the perpetrator forces their victim (sex in this case) to do something against their will, known commonly as sex without consent.

The statistics compiled on rape by RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) inform us of a problem that appears to be reeling out of control; the problem being the rape of children. It was reported that as much as 15 percent of all rape victims are under the age of 12. Also, girls between the ages of 16 and 19 were considered to be more prone to rape than any other female age group. Maybe most startling though was the fact that a poll showed that 1 in 6 women, at some point in their life, had a been a victim of attempted rape. This really drives home how serious and common this problem is and has been for years.

These numbers, unfortunately, are just the tip of the iceberg. The aftermath for rape victims depicts a story of more pain and suffering, one which more often than not includes depression, suicidal tendencies and a predeliction towards drugs and alcoholism. In a study made on past rape victims, statistics showed that, compared to those who had not been sexually assaulted, these women were between 10 and 25 times more prone to drug and alcohol addictions as well as mental illness usually associated with depression.

The only common thread between all forms of sexual abuse is that most cases occurred close to home and in 20% of the cases at the home of either the perpetrator or the victim. This simply shows that, like in situations of pedophilia, the victim knew or had a close relationship with the aggressor.

Below are a number of tips and suggestions of things to remember when you leave the house. Rape can occur anytime and anywhere, so it is best to always be cautious.

  1. For starters, If you plan on going out to a bar or an establishment where there will be many strange men, try to go with a group, or at least with one other person.
  2. No one's saying not to have a good time, but obviously the more you drink, the more you leave yourself defenseless to potential attackers.
  3. The biggest fear of drinking in bars is the treat of someone slipping something in your drink such as the date rape drug (GHB). Therefore, be extremely wary of someone offering you a drink, regardless of how well you know them.
  4. If you find yourself walking alone to your car in a parking lot, be very cautious. It has been proven over the years that parking lots are a danger zone for rape victims. Find someone you trust to walk you to your car, or ask the parking attendant.
  5. If your stuck walking home or have to walk for a long distance to get somewhere late at night, make sure you walk in high traffic areas. Dimly lit places like alleys or dark suburban streets are areas you want to avoid.
  6. Lastly, no matter what, if you're alone do not pick up hitchhikers. Your good deed of the day can take place elsewhere, no reason to risk your life for it.

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